Etiquettes to follow when vaping

Written by Vape Arabia Editorial Tean || 30th March 2021 || Blog |

More and more people are joining the vapers club nowadays. If you are new to vaping, you might not necessarily know when to vape or where it is even allowed. People’s perception of e-cigarettes differs greatly. Some consider it to be the same as smoking a tobacco cigarette, while others think that it is not as harmful. Whatever the case is, there are some unspoken rules which exist, related to vaping and its etiquettes. This article will give you an idea about these rules and how to be considerate when firing up your e-cig in public next time.

• Vaping in public – to do or not to do

Can you vape in places where smoking is prohibited? Do smoking and vaping follow the same rules? Many people are confused about this. It is true that ‘Vaping not allowed’ signs are not as commonly displayed as ‘Smoking not allowed’ signs in public places, which leads to this sort of confusion. The best thing you can do in such cases is to simply ask. Ask permission before you vape, especially in places like offices, restaurants, business establishments, etc. If they agree, then go ahead and enjoy your smoke. But if they don’t, act responsibly and be respectful of the rules.

• Blowing vapor clouds into someone’s face

If you are vaping, make sure to not exhale your vapor clouds into someone’s face. It is really irritating for the other person, even if they might be a vaper like you. The best thing to do is blow out into an empty space.

• Do not attack smokers

Some vapers, who have switched from cigarettes to e-cigs feel they are better and have a tendency to look down and criticize smokers. Please never do this. Remember that everyone is on their own smoking/vaping journey and they have the right to make their own choices.

• Keep your flavors simple

Everyone hates the unpleasant odor of tobacco cigarettes. Bubble-gum or mint-flavored e-juice vapors are considered to be good flavors, but finally, in the end, it’s your choice.

• Eating and vaping at the same time

Some people believe that one should not vape and eat at the same time, especially at restaurants and cafes. This may cause the food odors to mix with the e-liquid smell, creating a potentially unfavorable odor. Also, there is a chance you may irritate other diners and waiters, with clouds of smoke.

• Do not vape near children

This is common sense that smoking or vaping around your kids is not a good practice. Also, some governments ban you from exposing children to the chemicals present in e-liquids. So, avoid this at all costs, to evade getting in trouble with the law.
Lastly, be well-informed and educate yourself about the various etiquette when vaping. Different countries may have different rules regarding this issue, so make sure to do your research and adhere to the country’s laws. Taking others into consideration, before you light up your e-cig, can make your vaping experience enjoyable and hassle-free for everyone.

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