How to avoid vapers tongue?

Written by Vape Arabia Editorial Tean || 30th March 2021 || Blog |

Have you been vaping and you suddenly feel like the taste has changed? Or even worse, that you cannot taste anything anymore? Many people tend to panic when this happens. But do not worry. This happens to the best of us and is common among vapers. It is called vapers tongue – a condition, where the vaper’s tongue loses the ability to taste the e-juice temporarily and unexpectedly. Many users describe the feeling as a thick coating on their tongue and an inability to taste anything. It can be caused by various factors, namely dehydration, damaged taste buds, dry mouth, cold, stuffy nose, or flu. The good news is that vapers tongue is completely preventable. You can avoid it using the following tips below:

• Keep yourself hydrated

Since dehydration is one of the main causes of vapers tongue, it is important to constantly drink water throughout the day, to keep yourself hydrated. Increasing water consumption is not only beneficial to your overall health but can also help your tongue register the e-liquid flavors better.

• Mix it up with different flavors

Using a single flavor in your e-cig for a long time can cause ‘sensory adaptation’, where your taste buds will not be able to pick up the different flavor notes. A solution to this is to mix and add different flavors so that your tongue can relish unique combinations. Adding flavors, such as menthol or fruit will be refreshing and help prevent you from developing a vaper’s tongue.

• Clear up your stuffed nose

Believe it or not, but your nose and sense of smell are directly linked to your taste. If your nose is blocked due to cold, flu, or allergies, you will not be able to smell properly and hence, will not be able to taste the vape juice. Clearing up your stuffed nose using nasal drops is a fast and effective method to get back your sense of taste and smell and avoid vapers tongue.

• Have good oral hygiene

Poor oral hygiene will impact your tasting ability and produce a bad taste in your mouth. Vapers have reported that brushing their teeth regularly, using a tongue scraper and floss helps them prevent vapers tongue and enjoy the e-juice flavor more. Therefore, taking care of your oral hygiene is of utmost importance.

• Cut down on your alcohol and caffeine consumption

Drinks containing alcohol and caffeine can dehydrate and dry up your mouth. This can further damage your taste buds and lead to vapers tongue. Hence, it is advisable to reduce your coffee and alcohol intake.

• Take a break

Finally, if all the above techniques fail, it might be a sign your body is telling you to slow down. Take a break from vaping and leave your taste buds alone, until they heal themselves. As long as you avoid irritating them, your tongue should be perfectly fine within a week or two. In addition, try to avoid smoking, vaping, spicy foods, and acidic drinks, until your taste buds have gotten time to heal and recover completely.

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