Mistakes that beginners make when vaping

Written by Vape Arabia Editorial Tean || 30th March 2021 || Blog |

Let’s be honest. We all make mistakes, especially when venturing into a new and unknown territory. The same can be said, for the people who are new to vaping. Although using e-cigs are much safer, than traditional cigarettes, it can be a lot more difficult to understand how to go about it. A lot of new smokers seem to repeatedly make some common mistakes, which I have addressed here below:

1. Buying a cheap and low-quality vaping device

Investing in a cheap vaping device may be the worst decision you take. Buying a bad quality vaping pen can lead to poor performance and battery life, decreased nicotine release and unnecessary smoke release. Hence, always make sure to spend that little extra money and get yourself a good quality vaping device.

2. Choosing the wrong concentration of nicotine

A common mistake made by new vapers is choosing too little or too much nicotine concentrations for their e-juice. The thumb of rule is, to buy vape liquids containing up to 20 mg of nicotine, if you are a heavy smokerand 3 mg if you are a light smoker. In case you are not a tobacco cigarette smoker, then you can even use e-liquids, which contain no nicotine.

3. Not priming the coil

This is one of the common mistakes a beginner does. If the coil is not primed, it can cause burns and leaves you with an unpleasant feeling. It is also important to do this, in order to make your coil last longer. But how exactly do you prime the coil? This is done by applying a few drops of the e-liquid, before you begin to vape.

4. Not drinking enough water

A huge problem with vaping is that it can cause dehydration, due to water loss from the body. A vast majority of vapers do not hydrate themselves regularly, thus leading to dehydration. Therefore, always remember to keep your water intake high throughout the day.

5. Carrying your e-cigarette in your pocket

Popping your vaping pen into your pocket may cause the tank to leak or the device being turned on accidentally. This can cause the coil to overheat and spark. Now, we don’t want to start a fire in our pocket, do we? Thus, it is highly recommended to use special pouches to store and transport your vaping pen. Similarly, never keep your device along with metal objects, like keys or coins, as this can lead to short-circuits and possible explosions.

6. Vaping anywhere in public

Just because a certain public area is a ‘no smoking allowed’ zone, it does not necessarily mean that vaping is allowed there. If you fire up your vaping pen in public where you are not supposed to smoke, there is a chance you will be punished. Always be well-informed as to the permissible areas where you can vape.

I am confident that after going through the above pointers, you are well prepared to start your vaping journey, with no hiccups. Happy vaping!

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