Difference between Freebase e-liquid and Saltnic e-liquid

Difference between Freebase e-liquid and Saltnic e-liquid

Written by Vape Arabia Editorial Tean || 31th March 2021 || Blog |

Venturing more in the vaping world, which is considered relatively new and still prone to development, you will come across new inventions and ways to make the best of it and evade the previously made mistakes. Such new developments appear with time such as the nicotine salt-basede-liquid that numerous consumers are flocking to even the cigarette smoking ones. This brand-newimplementation offers the same buzz or kick for the smokers at a lower budget. In addition, the users will be able to enjoy higher nicotine level products without struggling with the effects of a rough throat hit that is usually associated with the other products.

This feeling has always been a huge turn off for smokers who are migrating to the vaping world who prefer a cigarette than a lower buzz and a rough throat hit. Let alone, the hassle that the vaping brings especially for beginners who are still going at a slow pace while the technology is constantly evolving.

To understand more the Sultanic e-liquid it’s essential to get a firm grasp at the more common product also known as “Freebase E-liquid”. In simpler words, the freebase nicotine is the one that we are familiar with and has been used by the tobacco companies since the 60s. It’s nicotine at its simplest forms when comparing it to other nicotine byproducts. This is the same method used when making as the one used by Phillip Morris in the 1960. This nicotine is much more portent and when heated and has a high absorption rate by the different body organs (lungs, brain, etc.…). This method has gained traction and popularity since it offered to the customers a higher hit and a stronger buzz than the previously available nicotine but while using the same dose by making the nicotine molecule more bioavailable to the body so it the effect out of the same dose can be maximized.

But this has changed with the appearance of the nicotine salts that had consumers flocking to it even though that the freebase way offers more potency. To go over this topic without getting lost in the chemical technical explanation, it is safe to say that the nicotine salt offers more stability and less volatility when it comes to chemicals breakdown in our bodies. The difference between the two forms gets more apparent in the vaping experience overall. With lower pH levels offer by the nicotine salt infused into the liquid, as it offers a smoother tasting and less nicotine blow back even on the body at a molecular level even when using high nicotine level saltnic E-liquids. The product also is hassle free since it comes in disposable cartridges that bypass the usual mess happening when refilling the liquid. Besides, this new approach’s bioavailability translates into a lower budget as you will eventually consume less. In addition to the fact that when the nicotine is at its purest form (salt) it oxidizes way slower and become more stable with a longer shelf life.

But it is also important to state that since the main ingredient remains to be nicotine it happens to be highly addictive when not used with moderation and without any precautions.

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