How does vaping save life compare to smoking?

Written by Vape Arabia Editorial Team || 31th March 2021 || Blog |

The number of people using vape and e-cigarettes is on the rise for the past few years. Vaping and e-cigarettes have been legalized and can be used by persons of 18 years and above. Studies show that more smokers who died out of smoking could be alive if e-cigarettes and vaping existed. Everyone agrees that cigarettes cause too much harm to consumers and passive smokers.

Vape users are not exposed to carcinogens and chemicals compared to traditional smokers as much as there is harm caused, which can’t be compared to that of traditional smoking. Statistics show that tobacco kills over 490,000 people in a year in the United States of America. This is more than alcohol killed, car accidents and substance abuse has killed. Since the introduction of vapes, the numbers have reduced drastically. Smokers who have tried quitting in the past years are advised to shift t vapes not because it is safe but it has less harm to the body. Today vaporizing has become the new trend and most successful way to quit smoking for good. Traditional smokers who shift to vaping have high chances of quitting smoking for good in two or fewer years.

There have been debates whether to ban the use of vapes as it is recruiting more smokers who have never smoked before. But to be realistic once vaping is banned smokers who were using vapes to quit will go back to their normal smoking habits posing a high risk to their health.
Traditional smokers not only affect their bodies’ health but also those around them. Once cigarette smoke is emitted into the air, people around the smoker will inhale the smoke. This is harmful to everybody even kids. Most smokers lit their cigarettes anywhere which can cause lung cancer, strokes, and cardiovascular diseases. Vaping reduces the risk since the smoke emitted from vapes evaporates fast and contains fewer chemicals. Nonsmokers can feel comfortable being around vape users as there is no health risk to them.

Cigarette smoke can last in the air for more than 30 minutes especially in a poorly ventilated room. The vapor exhaled from vapes and e-cigarettes break down within seconds and goes away. Most nonsmokers are irritated by the cigarette smell which causes discomfort. A house of a traditional smoker has cigarette stains on fabrics making the house stuffy and uncomfortable for visitors or people they live with.
Vapes and e-cigarettes don’t produce harmful chemicals when exhaled. E-liquids and e-juices contain ingredients that are made safe for the consumer during the vape and e-cigarette manufacturing process. Cigarettes, on the other hand, releases over 7000 chemicals once it is exhaled. This poses a risk to the environment. Vaping is safer and can be done around kids and pregnant women and will cause no harm to them.

It is easier to quit vaping than traditional smoking. E-liquids gives you a choice to control the level of nicotine intake. This means you can regulate your nicotine intake daily and go on reducing the level as days pass and eventually find yourself quitting smoking for good. Traditional smokers can’t regulate their nicotine intake unless y reducing the number of cigarettes, they smoke per day which is hard as it is highly addictive.

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