Vaping For Beginners

Vaping for beginners

Written by Vape Arabia Editorial Team || 31th March 2021 || Blog |

Vaping is the modern way of smoking and before starting it can give a lot of stress on how to do it. Most likely you want to quit smoking and cross over to the vaping side, it can be a little confusing for you. While vaping one inhales the nicotine-infused juice acquired from the e-juice. The e-juice is further heated by an electric device which creates a vapor that is inhaled by the user. Vape devices have different styles, sizes, and different modes of use. Each vaping device has a heating element, battery, and a tank where e-juice is held. Here is a guide for a beginning.

Invest in the best e-juice. You are supposed to buy the premium e-liquid/ e-juice there is. Trust me going for the cheapest one will cost you a lot. Cheap e-juice contains impurities that are not good for your health. As we all know cheap is expensive. Going for the cheapest e-juice will only introduce hospital bills that were not planned for. Premiume-juices have medical-grade nicotine and have the best reputation in town.

Choose your best taste. The best thing about vaping is that you get to choose what flavor you want. Most stores have a varied range of flavors and even go ahead and let their customers have a sample of every flavor. For beginners, sampling will come in handy while choosing the best flavor. You can further mix different flavors to bring out one unique flavor. Choosing the best flavor will make your experience enjoyable.

Good knowledge n PG\VG ratios. Vg stands for vegetable glycerin. A high VG will produce thicker smoke while a low VG produces smaller clouds of smoke. The choice of the amount of cloud of smoke you want to release is yours. Healthwise high VG is recommended since it does not hit the throat and has lesser allergies.

E-juice maintenance. You are required to shake your e-juice well before use. This is to ensure that the VG and nicotine mix up well to bring out the best vape. E-liquids should be stored away from direct sunlight to prevent them from decreasing the nicotine level. Do not leave the e-juice bottle open for a long time since all the flavor will have escaped.

Do not use plastic tanks. They can cause harm to your body when they burn as they release toxic chemicals. Quality glass is recommended to prevent any harm.

Washing e-tank. Your e-tank should be cleaned frequently to prevent leaks and bad tasting flavors that are stale. It can be done once a week whereby you disassemble the vape, get rid of the remaining e-juice then wash and rinse the tank and mouthpiece with hot water for hygiene purposes.

Frequently check battery connections and have extra batteries. Checking for battery connections to make sure that every part is performing the duties well. Open the battery and check if any e-juice has landed on the battery to prevent any complications. Having extra batteries will help when one dies you can use another as you charge. This is advisable for people holding parties to prevent keeping people waiting for the battery to charge.

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