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In the past few years, people have adopted vaporizing famously known as vaping which is slowly overtaking the traditional method of smoking which has existed for many centuries in the world. Smoking is defined as inhaling and exhaling fumes produced by tobacco in cigarettes and other tobacco products. Vaping is inhaling and exhaling a heated E-liquid which in turn emits a flavored vapor.

Over a long period, smoking cigarettes has become common in old and young people, females and males. Smoking cigarette is a bad habit that brings about health complications both short and long-term. Smoking cigarettes and any tobacco product are addictive once you get used to it. Quitting can be very difficult whereby many people are struggling to quit but they keep finding themselves in the same spot.

Ever since vaping was introduced, there emerged a lot of questions concerning it. Most people were asking if vaping is better and less risky as opposed to smoking. Although both smoking and vaping have side effects, vaping is a little safer than smoking. Studies show that a cigarette contains over six hundred chemicals before it is lit. Once it is lit the heat burns these chemicals which produce over seven thousand dangerous chemicals. These chemicals found in cigarettes are also traced in other areas such as rubber cement, rat poison, and battery acid. From the areas, the chemicals are found it is evident that smoking cigarettes is dangerous and poses a high health risk to humans. The substance abuse in cigarettes is known as nicotine. Nicotine itself contains chemicals that can damage the user’s lungs and body cells.

Most people who try quitting smoking turn to vaping. Most people today believe that vaping is less harmful than smoking which is yet to be proved. Today vaping has become a new thing for teenagers and young college students who have never smoked before. Vaping is termed as ‘cool’ amongst young people which has increased the number of smokers at a high rate. Vaping is highly preferred to smoking too because of the odor. When smoking directly a bad smell is emitted from the smoke whereasvaping has different flavors that make the smell pleasant depending on the type of flavor that has been chosen.

Most young people are attracted to vaping because of their different production styles and different flavored smells but they are not better than regular smokers. Vaping is as harmful as smoking since nicotine will be involved in both.
Whether smoking or vaping, the side effects are common such as lung damage and wrinkled skin. Up to date, there are ongoing studies and researches on how what is safer; smoking or vaping. Vaping does not contain tar and carcinogens which makes it better evil as compared to smoking.

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