Retailers say first World Vape Show in Dubai can boost trend for people switching from tobacco to vaping

Retailers say first World Vape Show in Dubai can boost trend for people switching from tobacco to vaping

Help ‘on the way’ for smokers who want to kick habit

Dubai, UAE, 23rd August, 2021: Leading UAE vape retailers say help is just around the corner for smokers struggling to quit the habit.

They believe the arrival of the Middle East’s first vape industry event in Dubai next month can accelerate the trend in the region for people to switch from smoking to alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

While studies show that millions of people worldwide have made the shift to vaping in recent years, the majority of people who try to give up tobacco fail.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US, fewer than one in ten adult cigarette smokers actually succeed in quitting each year.

UAE retailers say the inaugural World Vape Show taking place at Dubai World Trade Centre from 19-21 September can provide more smokers with the extra research data, advice, and incentive they need to kick the tobacco habit.

“We’re proud to say that 87% of the people that come to us quit smoking within six months,” said Mo Hassan, Managing Director of Dr Vapes in Dubai.

“But there’s still a lot of conflicting reports out there on how efficient vaping is in helping people to quit smoking, and this can be confusing for smokers and also the vaping community itself.

“The World Vape Show is an important event which, for the first time, will provide consumers with all the information they need to make their choice.”

The combined exhibition and conference is assembling more than 30 expert speakers, more than 200 exhibitors showcasing thousands of global vape brands, several thousand industry professionals, vape enthusiasts, and those looking to switch from cigarettes.

Tarek Ali Daakour, the owner of Vape House retail shops in Dubai, quit smoking for vaping himself and says between 80-90% of his customers successfully give up the tobacco habit.

“A lot of people want to give up smoking, but don’t know-how,” he said. “This is why the exhibition is so important. It will answer so many questions for those who need help to quit the smoking habit.”

Another retailer, Let’s Vape, reports a similar trend in smokers looking to kick the habit and warns against the presence of counterfeit products in the market. “As per feedback from our customers, more than 90% are turning to vape in order to quit smoking,” said Sales Manager Shodibek Kayumov.

“We believe the show is very important to raise the awareness of vaping as a better solution for smokers. It’s important that people educate themselves on how to differentiate between original and counterfeit products because of the possible side effects”.

The event conference features a number of panel discussions on key issues facing the industry, including one session on the future of vaping research and public health.

The first World Vape Show in Dubai is open to both business buyers and the general public, but you must be over 21 to attend and get tickets online in advance. For further information:

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