Cedar Labs Ltd E-liquid Launched its new Brand “IMPERIAL”

Cedar Labs Ltd E-liquid Launched its new Brand “IMPERIAL”

They are one of the best“ Handcrafted premium” e-liquids made of Natural Flavors and steeped for 6 weeks. Passionate, independent businesses who took take the craft seriously.
Imperial E-liquid Brand is launched with three Custard Flavors made with the finest and natural flavors.

Imperial Custard

Imperial Custard E-Liquid

VG/PG ratio: 75/25

Sweetener: Moderate

Throat hit: Mild

Flavor Profile: Madagascar Vanilla, Custard.

Custard and vanilla are popular dessert flavours loved by many! You get tons of sweets and ice creams in these two impeccable flavours. But what if you can vape a unique combination of both, which will truly blow your mind? If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for a tempting treat, then you cannot go wrong with Imperial’s new Madagascar Vanilla and Custard e-liquid for your e-cigarette. This e-juice consists of 2 unique flavour combinations: Madagascar Vanilla and Custard.

If you are a newbie vaper, who is trying to quit smoking, this e-liquid could be your first choice. The e-juice, manufactured by Cedar Labs, UK, is a popular option among many, due to its sweet, yet subtle flavour. Are you worried if the flavour is not going to be strong enough? Don’t worry. The e-juice is made up of all-natural flavours steeped for 6 weeks, guaranteed to give you the strongest and long-lasting flavour for your tastebuds.



VG/PG ratio: 75/25

Sweetener: Moderate

Throat hit: Mild

Flavor Profile: Madagascar Vanilla, Custard, Butterscotch.

Are you looking for a new e-liquid flavour that will blow your mind? Madagascar vanilla beans are the best in the world for their rich vanilla flavour. Imagine combining this richness with the sugary and buttery tones of butterscotch. And to top it all off, a hint of creamy, delicious custard as the cherry on the top. These three beautiful flavours combine to give an unforgettable flavour, something, which will keep you going back for more.

Imperial has introduced this perfect combination, known as Galata, in the form of an e-liquid for your e-cigarettes. Manufactured by Cedar Labs, UK, Galata e-liquid consists of all-natural flavours and is steeped for 6 weeks to enhance its essence to the fullest. A higher temperature can help emphasize the creamy and sweet textures of the custard and butterscotch, while lower temperatures can bring out the floral tones of vanilla, so it’s up to you, as to how you enjoy it.


RUSTICA Imperial E-Liquid

VG/PG ratio: 75/25

Sweetener: Moderate

Throat hit: Mild

Flavor Profile: Madagascar Vanilla, Custard, Honey.
If you are trying to kick off your smoking habit, we know that it is going to be tough, especially when you are craving a strong nicotine taste. This is where e-liquids could come to your rescue. Switching to vaping will help you get the necessary kick you need but in a safer way.

Imperial has lots of e-liquid options to choose from which will satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. They also have combinations of flavours to give a unique taste, which you will not find anywhere else! Rustica is one such E-juice that comprises three natural flavours: Madagascar vanilla, custard, and honey. The floral essence of vanilla along with the creaminess of custard and sweetness of honey makes it such a beautiful and unique blend that you will not be able to resist. What’s even better is that the e-liquid is steeped for around 6 weeks to ensure the flavours will last on your tastebuds long after you are done vaping. It goes under the name Imperial and manufactured by Cedar Labs, UK.

This is a simple but true-to-life mango blend that I can see myself coming back to regularly.

This custard base avoids the cardinal sin of being cloyingly sweet but it does give the profile some serious body and staying power after vaping. A simple but well-executed custard blend.


Vapefly Manners Pod System

Vapefly Manners Pod System


Product Name: Vapefly Manners Pod
Product Slogan: Manners Maketh Man

More and more research and study prove that vaping is safer than smoking, and to help those adult nicotine consumers switch from smoking to vaping, Vapefly manners pod can just do this favor.

Main Features
1. Extraordinary Design
The product body is shaped with business and elegant appearance, under the combination of CNC 5 Axis cutting technology and high level anodic oxidation craftsmanship.

2. Smooth and Fresh Taste for Nicotine Salt E-juice
The mesh structure optimized coil with Japan imported organic cotton ensure a fresh and pure taste, in addition to that, based on the 6th generation micro-honeycomb structure, you can enjoy every smooth puff.

3. Two Firing Mechanism
The draw activated mechanism and the manual firing mechanism is to meet different vapers needs, and bring better vaping experience.

4. Smart Battery Indicator and E-juice Window
Three different led colors show the battery level. Green: >70%, Blue:30%-70%, Red:<30%.
The e-juice window is designed on both side of the body, you can check the e-liquid level conveniently.

5. Type-C Charging&650mAh
By using type-c port, the manners pod with 650mAh can be fully charged within 40 minutes, just a cup of coffee time.

6. Six Stylish and Sleek Colors
There are in total 6 colors for manners pod, they are black, silver, blue, purple, dark green, deep red.

7. Exquisite Leather Case (Sell Separately)
Three colors of leather case are available, each is with a Lanyard too.

The mouthpiece of vapefly manners pod is with a inclined design, which is proved to be more ergonomic and elegant while vaping it.

Name: Manners Pod
Slogan: Manners Maketh Man
Color: Black, Grey, Blue, Purple, Dark Green, Deep Red
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Dimension: 128.7*21.5*12.5mm
Weight: 34.6g
Capacity: 2ML(TPD:2ML)
Battery capacity: 650mAh
Type-C input: 5V 1A
Cartridge:1.4Ω(MTL), 1.0Ω(mesh coil,MTL)

Package Contents
Manners pod device x 1
1.4ohm 2ml pod x 1
1.0ohm 2ml mesh coil pod x 1
User manual x 1
Warranty card x 1
Type-C cable x 1




FEBRUARY 8, 2021

The Parliament Magazine is issued on a fortnightly basis to inform and educate politicians with “with balanced, objective and informative coverage”. The latest issue carries an article by Consumer Choice Center’s Maria Chaplia and World Vapers’ Alliance’s Michael Landl saying that “Vaping is the gateway out of smoking”.

The World Vapers Alliance has been exceptionally active lately, from attacking the SCHEER Report [link] and demonstrating at the European Parliament [link] to organizing a spectacular protest in the Netherlands [link] .

The Consumer Choice Center says it, “is the consumer advocacy group supporting lifestyle freedom, innovation, privacy, science, and consumer choice. The main policy areas we focus on are digital, mobility, lifestyle & consumer goods, and health & science.”

The Parliament Magazine and its sister publications highlight, “innovation and best practice across key regional policy sectors, as well as providing up to date news and analysis of regional policy legislation and developments at EU, national and regional levels.”

In the latest edition Chaplia and Landl say: “The innovative nature of vaping has contributed to its success and allowed it to quickly gain popularity among smokers.”

They argue that despite the novel technology being targeted by opponents as a gateway into smoking the truth is the opposite, and the longer the EU continues to attack harm reduction, “the fewer smokers get a chance to switch to a safer and healthier alternative.”

“The newest Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) UK report states that “only 0.3 percent of never-smokers are current vapers (amounting to 2.9 percent of vapers)”. Therefore, a gateway effect to smoking is not reflected in the data and many studies show the opposite effect. For example, smoking rates in the UK – where public health authorities encourage vaping as a gateway out of smoking – are at an all-time low and there is no sign of vaping causing more smoking.”

They address the fact that countries which have embraced harm reduction, such as the UK, have seen accelerated declines in smoking rates, whereas countries like Australia have witnessed a deceleration to abject stalls.

“The correlation between the introduction and the popularity of vaping and declining smoking rates suggests that vaping is an important innovation to help people quit smoking. The 2018 US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Report found that the smoking rate has decreased overall more rapidly since vaping became more prominent in the United States.”

While politicians may read the text, will they listen to the message? It’s very clear: “Despite many voices seeking to undermine vaping as a gateway out of smoking, the evidence is sound: vaping saves lives.”

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E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco estimates landmark review

E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco estimates landmark review

Expert independent review concludes that e-cigarettes have potential to help smokers quit.
From: Public Health England
Published:19 August 2015

An expert independent evidence review published today by Public Health England (PHE) concludes that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful to health than tobacco and have the potential to help smokers quit smoking.

Key findings of the review include:
• the current best estimate is that e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than smoking
• nearly half the population (44.8%) don’t realise e-cigarettes are much less harmful than smoking
• there is no evidence so far that e-cigarettes are acting as a route into smoking for children or non-smokers
The review, commissioned by PHE and led by Professor Ann McNeill (King’s College London) and Professor Peter Hajek (Queen Mary University of London), suggests that e-cigarettes may be contributing to falling smoking rates among adults and young people. Following the review PHE has published a paper on the implications of the evidence for policy and practice.

The comprehensive review of the evidence finds that almost all of the 2.6 million adults using e-cigarettes in Great Britain are current or ex-smokers, most of whom are using the devices to help them quit smoking or to prevent them going back to cigarettes. It also provides reassurance that very few adults and young people who have never smoked are becoming regular e-cigarette users (less than 1% in each group).

However, the review raises concerns that increasing numbers of people think e-cigarettes are equally or more harmful than smoking (22.1% in 2015, up from 8.1% in 2013: ASH Smokefree GB survey) or don’t know (22.7% in 2015, ASH Smokefree GB survey).

Despite this trend all current evidence finds that e-cigarettes carry a fraction of the risk of smoking.

Emerging evidence suggests some of the highest successful quit rates are now seen among smokers who use an e-cigarette and also receive additional support from their local stop smoking services.

Professor Kevin Fenton, Director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England said:

Smoking remains England’s number one killer and the best thing a smoker can do is to quit completely, now and forever.

E-cigarettes are not completely risk free but when compared to smoking, evidence shows they carry just a fraction of the harm. The problem is people increasingly think they are at least as harmful and this may be keeping millions of smokers from quitting. Local stop smoking services should look to support e-cigarette users in their journey to quitting completely.

Professor Ann McNeill, King’s College London and independent author of the review, said:

There is no evidence that e-cigarettes are undermining England’s falling smoking rates. Instead the evidence consistently finds that e-cigarettes are another tool for stopping smoking and in my view smokers should try vaping and vapers should stop smoking entirely.
E-cigarettes could be a game changer in public health in particular by reducing the enormous health inequalities caused by smoking.
Professor Peter Hajek, Queen Mary University London and independent author of the review said:

My reading of the evidence is that smokers who switch to vaping remove almost all the risks smoking poses to their health. Smokers differ in their needs and I would advise them not to give up on e-cigarettes if they do not like the first one they try. It may take some experimentation with different products and e-liquids to find the right one.

Professor Linda Bauld, Cancer Research UK’s expert in cancer prevention, said:

Fears that e-cigarettes have made smoking seem normal again or even led to people taking up tobacco smoking are not so far being realised based on the evidence assessed by this important independent review. In fact, the overall evidence points to e-cigarettes actually helping people to give up smoking tobacco.

Free Stop Smoking Services remain the most effective way for people to quit but we recognise the potential benefits for e-cigarettes in helping large numbers of people move away from tobacco.

Cancer Research UK is funding more research to deal with the unanswered questions around these products including the longer-term impact.

Lisa Surtees, acting director at Fresh Smoke Free North East, the first region where all local stop smoking services are actively promoted as e-cigarette friendly, said:

Despite making great strides to reduce smoking, tobacco is still our biggest killer. Our region has always kept an open mind towards using electronic cigarettes as we can see the massive potential health benefits from switching.

All of our local NHS Stop Smoking Services now proactively welcome anyone who wants to use these devices as part of their quit attempt and increase their chance of success.

PHE’s remit letter for 2014 to 2015 requested an update of the evidence around e-cigarettes. PHE commissioned Professors Ann McNeill and Peter Hajek to review the available evidence. The review builds on previous evidence summaries published by PHE in 2014.

The full list of authors of the report are:

• McNeill A, Brose LS, Calder R, Hitchman SC: Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, National Addiction Centre, King’s College London and UK Centre for Tobacco & Alcohol Studies
• Hajek P, McRobbie H (Chapters 9 and 10): Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry Queen Mary, University of London and UK Centre for Tobacco & Alcohol Studies

Implications of the evidence for policy and practice: Based on the findings of the evidence review PHE advises that:

• e-cigarettes have the potential to help smokers quit smoking, and the evidence indicates they carry a fraction of the risk of smoking cigarettes but are not risk free
• e-cigarettes potentially offer a wide reach, low-cost intervention to reduce smoking in more deprived groups in society where smoking is elevated, and we want to see this potential fully realised
• there is an opportunity for e-cigarettes to help tackle the high smoking rates among people with mental health problems, particularly in the context of creating smokefree mental health units
• the potential of e-cigarettes to help improve public health depends on the extent to which they can act as a route out of smoking for the country’s eight million tobacco users, without providing a route into smoking for children and non-smokers. Appropriate and proportionate regulation is essential if this goal is to be achieved
• local stop smoking services provide smokers with the best chance of quitting successfully and we want to see them engaging actively with smokers who want to quit with the help of e-cigarettes
• we want to see all health and social care professionals providing accurate advice on the relative risks of smoking and e-cigarette use, and providing effective referral routes into stop smoking services
• the best thing smokers can do for their health is to quit smoking completely and to quit for good. PHE is committed to ensure that smokers have a range of evidence-based, effective tools to help them to quit. We encourage smokers who want to use e-cigarettes as an aid to quit smoking to seek the support of local stop smoking services
• given the potential benefits as quitting aids, PHE looks forward to the arrival on the market of a choice of medicinally regulated products that can be made available to smokers by the NHS on prescription. This will provide assurance on the safety, quality and effectiveness to consumers who want to use these products as quitting aids
• the latest evidence will be considered in the development of the next Tobacco Control Plan for England with a view to maximising the potential of e-cigarettes as a route out of smoking and minimising the risk of their acting as a route into smoking

From October this year it will be an offence to sell e-cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18 or to buy e-cigarettes for them. The government is consulting on a comprehensive array of regulations under the European Tobacco Products Directive.

Public Health England press office.


Vapers to Celebrate World Vape Day on May 30

Vapers to Celebrate World Vape Day on May 30

By News Voir Press Release

Millions of e-cigarette users or vapers across the globe are celebrating World Vape Day on May 30, a day before World No Tobacco Day. World Vape Day aims to raise awareness on e-cigarettes or vapes and encourage smokers who are unable to quit on their own or with currently available smoking cessation tools to switch to safer nicotine products.

Vapers To celebrate world vape day
World Vape Day

“Safer nicotine products, such as e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products, are the most disruptive influence on smoking in decades. These are the innovations that have the potential to save millions of lives in the Asia Pacific region as well as globally,” said Nancy Loucas, Executive Director of the Coalition of Asia-Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA), one of the lead organizers of World Vape Day 2020. “These products have disrupted the standard of harm reduction in tobacco by giving the power back to the smokers to choose the option that works for them and allows them to have agency over their own and their loved one’s health and wellbeing. “
Vaping can reduce smoking-related sickness, deaths.
The number of vapers globally has been increasing rapidly from about seven million in 2011 to 41 million in 2018, according to Euromonitor International. The market research group estimates that the number of adult vapers worldwide will reach almost 55 million by 2021. In its 2018 independent evidence review, Public Health England (PHE) concluded that “e-cigarettes are around 95% safer than combustible cigarettes.” Published in March 2020, the agency’s latest report stated that, “Despite reductions in smoking prevalence, smoking remains the biggest single cause of preventable death and disease and a leading cause of health inequalities. So, alternative nicotine delivery devices that are less harmful could play a crucial role in reducing this health burden.”
The harms associated with secondhand smoke from combustible cigarettes have been clearly established, but these do not apply to e-cigarettes and “secondhand vapor “, according to Peter Paul Dator, president of The Vapers Philippines. “Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not burn organic matter at very high temperatures and therefore do not produce toxic fumes. The main components of the liquid used in e-cigarettes are propylene glycol and glycerin, accounting for 95% of the e-liquid. The remaining components are water, nicotine, and flavorings.” Dator cited a study done by the California Department of Public Health that showed that emissions from e-cigarettes utilizing flavored nicotine e-liquid are no different from the air that we breathe walking down the street.
The use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) is a common cause of many preventable deaths and diseases in Australia, according to Stephanie Thuesen, Director of Stakeholder Engagement at The Progressive Public Health Alliance. “Creating policy based on a harm reduction model will benefit the ATOD and mental health sectors exponentially. Therefore, we have recommended to the Australian government to legalize and regulate reduced-harm products in ATOD such as vaping and snus and invest in harm reduction measures, outreach services and rehabilitation centers.”

Saving young smokers
Every day, 80,000 to 100,000 young people around the world become addicted to tobacco, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). If current trends continue, the WHO predicts that 250 million children and young people alive today will die from tobacco-related diseases.
“The right to harm reduction should extend to all users who currently use combustible tobacco, including youth who currently smoke. Nicotine dependence in youth develops rapidly and over 50% of those youth who smoke daily are already nicotine dependent,” said Asa Ace Saligupta who runs the ENDS Cigarette Smoke Thailand consumer group. Saligupta notes that young people are allowed access to medicalized Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), in some countries from the age of 12. “Not allowing the youth access to vaping is questionable. We believe that young people, under the age of 16 or 18, depending upon jurisdictional law, should have access to e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool with parental permission.”
Concerns that vaping may appeal to youth or may serve as a ‘gateway‘to smoking are inconsistent with the evidence, according to Jagannath Sarangapani, Director of the Association of Vapers India (AVI). “E-cigarettes have been gateways out of smoking for millions and have been accompanied by declining youth smoking rates. Instead of banning them, governments should regulate e-cigarettes to maximize the benefits of low-risk alternatives while minimizing the likelihood they will be used by youth or non-smokers. Bans serve only to protect the cigarette industry. “

The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA) is an alliance of consumer organizations from Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand that aims to educate, advocate and represent the right of adult alternative nicotine consumers to access and use of products that reduce harm from tobacco use.

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Written by Vape Arabia Editorial Team | 31th March 2021 | Blog |

Today vaping has become a way of getting nicotine Flavored E-liquid in an easy way. If you walk around town you will notice the number of vaping stores has raised offering different brands and new styles coming out daily. Most grownup have adopted the use of vapes as it is easy to use. The emitted Vapor is flavored and one can’t detect any smoke emission. When vapes and e-cigarettes were introduced over a decade ago they were seen as an easier way to quit smoking for good.

The devices do not contain tobacco or carcinogens that are risky to the human body hence people preferring it to smoke. Vaping is not completely safe for users but it has fewer risks. One main reason why people are choosing vapes and e-cigarettes is the sweet flavors and better tastes emitted when using. Cigarettes contain unpleasant smells which make people dislike them. Vapes have many flavors where one chooses what they like or even mix flavors to gain one unique smell. Most grownuplove this as the smellis good.

Vaping has become a trend since one can do it from any location. So long as your vapes battery is charged you can smoke anywhere as the vapor emitted is not harmful to people around you. The vapor does not stay in the air for long making it so pleasant. Cigarette smoking in public Areas is prohibited thus vaping. The smoke emitted from a cigarette is harmful to the smoker and nonsmokers around them.
While using vapes you can control the nicotine levels your intake daily. You can increase the levels or reduce or use no nicotine at all. This will help users quit as they reduce nicotine levels frequently. A smoker is advised to use vapes which helps them quit smoking with time.

Vapes are now available everywhere and one can get the brand and customized vape of choice. You can buy them online and they will be delivered to the location of your choice. The availability of vapes has increased the number of users and reduced the number of traditional cigarettes users.

Vape users have the power to control the amount of vapor release to the environment. The vapes have vapor regulation options where you can emit large crowds of smoke or fewer clouds of smoke. This gives options of satisfaction gained from using vapes.
Every type of vape comes with different prices for each. Most people can now purchase vapes according to their financial capabilities. Due to the rise of vape users, there is too much competition from these industries making all the prices affordable and pocket-friendly.
You don’t need the experience to become a vape user. You can wake up, go buy one, read the instructions if any, and become a pro on that same day. Most vapes have automatic buttons that you pull a puff and they are instantly switched on.

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Written by Vape Arabia Editorial Team || 31th March 2021 || Blog |

In the past few years, people have adopted vaporizing famously known as vaping which is slowly overtaking the traditional method of smoking which has existed for many centuries in the world. Smoking is defined as inhaling and exhaling fumes produced by tobacco in cigarettes and other tobacco products. Vaping is inhaling and exhaling a heated E-liquid which in turn emits a flavored vapor.

Over a long period, smoking cigarettes has become common in old and young people, females and males. Smoking cigarette is a bad habit that brings about health complications both short and long-term. Smoking cigarettes and any tobacco product are addictive once you get used to it. Quitting can be very difficult whereby many people are struggling to quit but they keep finding themselves in the same spot.

Ever since vaping was introduced, there emerged a lot of questions concerning it. Most people were asking if vaping is better and less risky as opposed to smoking. Although both smoking and vaping have side effects, vaping is a little safer than smoking. Studies show that a cigarette contains over six hundred chemicals before it is lit. Once it is lit the heat burns these chemicals which produce over seven thousand dangerous chemicals. These chemicals found in cigarettes are also traced in other areas such as rubber cement, rat poison, and battery acid. From the areas, the chemicals are found it is evident that smoking cigarettes is dangerous and poses a high health risk to humans. The substance abuse in cigarettes is known as nicotine. Nicotine itself contains chemicals that can damage the user’s lungs and body cells.

Most people who try quitting smoking turn to vaping. Most people today believe that vaping is less harmful than smoking which is yet to be proved. Today vaping has become a new thing for teenagers and young college students who have never smoked before. Vaping is termed as ‘cool’ amongst young people which has increased the number of smokers at a high rate. Vaping is highly preferred to smoking too because of the odor. When smoking directly a bad smell is emitted from the smoke whereasvaping has different flavors that make the smell pleasant depending on the type of flavor that has been chosen.

Most young people are attracted to vaping because of their different production styles and different flavored smells but they are not better than regular smokers. Vaping is as harmful as smoking since nicotine will be involved in both.
Whether smoking or vaping, the side effects are common such as lung damage and wrinkled skin. Up to date, there are ongoing studies and researches on how what is safer; smoking or vaping. Vaping does not contain tar and carcinogens which makes it better evil as compared to smoking.

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Vaping for beginners

Vaping For Beginners

Vaping for beginners

Written by Vape Arabia Editorial Team || 31th March 2021 || Blog |

Vaping is the modern way of smoking and before starting it can give a lot of stress on how to do it. Most likely you want to quit smoking and cross over to the vaping side, it can be a little confusing for you. While vaping one inhales the nicotine-infused juice acquired from the e-juice. The e-juice is further heated by an electric device which creates a vapor that is inhaled by the user. Vape devices have different styles, sizes, and different modes of use. Each vaping device has a heating element, battery, and a tank where e-juice is held. Here is a guide for a beginning.

Invest in the best e-juice. You are supposed to buy the premium e-liquid/ e-juice there is. Trust me going for the cheapest one will cost you a lot. Cheap e-juice contains impurities that are not good for your health. As we all know cheap is expensive. Going for the cheapest e-juice will only introduce hospital bills that were not planned for. Premiume-juices have medical-grade nicotine and have the best reputation in town.

Choose your best taste. The best thing about vaping is that you get to choose what flavor you want. Most stores have a varied range of flavors and even go ahead and let their customers have a sample of every flavor. For beginners, sampling will come in handy while choosing the best flavor. You can further mix different flavors to bring out one unique flavor. Choosing the best flavor will make your experience enjoyable.

Good knowledge n PG\VG ratios. Vg stands for vegetable glycerin. A high VG will produce thicker smoke while a low VG produces smaller clouds of smoke. The choice of the amount of cloud of smoke you want to release is yours. Healthwise high VG is recommended since it does not hit the throat and has lesser allergies.

E-juice maintenance. You are required to shake your e-juice well before use. This is to ensure that the VG and nicotine mix up well to bring out the best vape. E-liquids should be stored away from direct sunlight to prevent them from decreasing the nicotine level. Do not leave the e-juice bottle open for a long time since all the flavor will have escaped.

Do not use plastic tanks. They can cause harm to your body when they burn as they release toxic chemicals. Quality glass is recommended to prevent any harm.

Washing e-tank. Your e-tank should be cleaned frequently to prevent leaks and bad tasting flavors that are stale. It can be done once a week whereby you disassemble the vape, get rid of the remaining e-juice then wash and rinse the tank and mouthpiece with hot water for hygiene purposes.

Frequently check battery connections and have extra batteries. Checking for battery connections to make sure that every part is performing the duties well. Open the battery and check if any e-juice has landed on the battery to prevent any complications. Having extra batteries will help when one dies you can use another as you charge. This is advisable for people holding parties to prevent keeping people waiting for the battery to charge.

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How does vaping save life compare to smoking?

How does vaping save life compare to smoking?

Written by Vape Arabia Editorial Team || 31th March 2021 || Blog |

The number of people using vape and e-cigarettes is on the rise for the past few years. Vaping and e-cigarettes have been legalized and can be used by persons of 18 years and above. Studies show that more smokers who died out of smoking could be alive if e-cigarettes and vaping existed. Everyone agrees that cigarettes cause too much harm to consumers and passive smokers.

Vape users are not exposed to carcinogens and chemicals compared to traditional smokers as much as there is harm caused, which can’t be compared to that of traditional smoking. Statistics show that tobacco kills over 490,000 people in a year in the United States of America. This is more than alcohol killed, car accidents and substance abuse has killed. Since the introduction of vapes, the numbers have reduced drastically. Smokers who have tried quitting in the past years are advised to shift t vapes not because it is safe but it has less harm to the body. Today vaporizing has become the new trend and most successful way to quit smoking for good. Traditional smokers who shift to vaping have high chances of quitting smoking for good in two or fewer years.

There have been debates whether to ban the use of vapes as it is recruiting more smokers who have never smoked before. But to be realistic once vaping is banned smokers who were using vapes to quit will go back to their normal smoking habits posing a high risk to their health.
Traditional smokers not only affect their bodies’ health but also those around them. Once cigarette smoke is emitted into the air, people around the smoker will inhale the smoke. This is harmful to everybody even kids. Most smokers lit their cigarettes anywhere which can cause lung cancer, strokes, and cardiovascular diseases. Vaping reduces the risk since the smoke emitted from vapes evaporates fast and contains fewer chemicals. Nonsmokers can feel comfortable being around vape users as there is no health risk to them.

Cigarette smoke can last in the air for more than 30 minutes especially in a poorly ventilated room. The vapor exhaled from vapes and e-cigarettes break down within seconds and goes away. Most nonsmokers are irritated by the cigarette smell which causes discomfort. A house of a traditional smoker has cigarette stains on fabrics making the house stuffy and uncomfortable for visitors or people they live with.
Vapes and e-cigarettes don’t produce harmful chemicals when exhaled. E-liquids and e-juices contain ingredients that are made safe for the consumer during the vape and e-cigarette manufacturing process. Cigarettes, on the other hand, releases over 7000 chemicals once it is exhaled. This poses a risk to the environment. Vaping is safer and can be done around kids and pregnant women and will cause no harm to them.

It is easier to quit vaping than traditional smoking. E-liquids gives you a choice to control the level of nicotine intake. This means you can regulate your nicotine intake daily and go on reducing the level as days pass and eventually find yourself quitting smoking for good. Traditional smokers can’t regulate their nicotine intake unless y reducing the number of cigarettes, they smoke per day which is hard as it is highly addictive.

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